Whether you're managing your Celiac Disease or just trying to promote a healthier digestive tract, choosing a gluten free baking mix can provide a wide range of benefits for our bodies. Many people have a gluten allergy or sensitivity, so gluten free baking gives them the opportunity to enjoy delicious breads, bagels, cookies, cake, and other baked goods without the potentially negative impacts of gluten.

What is gluten?

Gluten is a protein found in wheat flour, which is then used in the majority of the baked goods that you buy in the grocery store. It helps food maintain its shape by acting as the glue that holds it all together. For baked goods, gluten is what gives the dough its elastic and spongy texture.

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disorder that occurs in people where ingesting gluten leads to damage in the small intestine. This disease is estimated to affect 1 out of 100 people globally. Many others don't have Celiac Disease but may still have an allergic reaction or intolerance to this protein, leading to fatigue or abdominal pain.

Gluten free baking mixes are an excellent alternative for people suffering from Celiac Disease, who are allergic to gluten, or who just want to cut back on consumption of gluten. Below are some health benefits of gluten free baking mixes.

Promote a healthy digestive tract

If you are sensitive to gluten, then consuming a gluten free baking mix instead of wheat flour can prevent the development of scar tissue and speed up gastric emptying. The result is that you can avoid symptoms like cramps, gas, and bloating. Plus, most gluten free flours are light and easy to digest compared to flours containing gluten.

High fiber

Many types of gluten free baking mixes contain whole rice flour, xanthan gum, and flaxseed meal, all of which possess higher levels of dietary fiber than wheat based flour. More fiber can result in a healthier weight, lower the risk of diabetes, promote healthy gut bacteria, and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Manage Celiac Disease

Improperly managed, Celiac Disease can lead to chronic inflammation and permanent damage to the small intestine. Gluten free baking mixes give anyone affected by this condition the opportunity to enjoy the foods they love without all the related pain, discomfort, and long term negative health consequences.

Gluten free baking mixes are less processed

Grains like wheat, rye, and barley are some of the most affected by the use of pesticides and preservatives. Gluten free baking mixes, like the types we offer at IYA Ingredients, are less processed and free of harmful chemicals.

Choose gluten free

Gluten free baking can improve the health millions of people, particularly those who suffer from Celiac Disease or gluten allergies. At IYA, we provide high quality gluten free flour as well as gluten free pumpkin spice bread & muffin mix, classic pancake & waffle mix, and cornbread mix.